The Best 2016 Holiday Gift Guide For Lawyers

You’ve only got a few weeks left and have yet to go shopping for the lawyer in your life, whether it’s your spouse, a relative, or a colleague. The holidays are approaching quickly, so you’d better get moving! But never fear, we’re here to help with these great gift suggestions for the lawyer on your list.

1. First, there’s the perfect sweatshirt for the lawyer who loves to argue, which is pretty much every lawyer you know. Sure, arguing is a hobby for us, but it’s winning the argument when you know you’re right that is the true rush! That’s why this sweatshirt fits the bill. ($34.95)



2. Next up, a mug with a message that nearly every 21st century lawyer can identify with. After all, these days, every client who walks in the door considers themselves to be an “armchair lawyer.” Sure, there’s lots of great information online, but it’s the education and training that lawyers receive that provides the necessary expertise that clients seek. How better to sum up that concept than this mug? ($13.99)


3. One of the main reasons people become lawyers is because they want to help people and make a difference in the world. One way that lawyers do this is by fighting to uphold the constitutional rights of every U.S. citizen. These days, that fight is all the more important, so for the lawyers in your life whose day-to-day jobs involves the pursuit of justice, this hand-painted wooden sign is the perfect gift for their office wals. ($42.00)


4. If you’re seeking a gift for a patent lawyer, then look no further! These unframed patent prints of the scales of justice and a gavel are perfect for the law office of any patent attorney. You can choose from 4 different styles of print, so no matter what the decor, you’ll find a print that will match. ($13.00)


5. Get in the holiday spirit and give the lawyer in your life a personalized ornament! You can choose the hair color, the gender, and even include the year, if you’d like. It’s festive and personalized. What more could you ask for? ($15.00)


6. Let’s face it, it’s not always easy being a lawyer. In fact, sometimes it can be downright stressful. So to help the lawyers in your life relax, give them this miniature Zen garden for their desks. When things get too hectic at the office, a few minutes tending to this Zen garden with included gavel can make all the difference! ($19.99)


7. Perhaps there’s a new baby in the life of the lawyer you’re buying a present for. If so, then this baby bib is the perfect gift! There’s nothing like a little legal humor to brighten the front of a bib that will soon be covered with smashed peas, carrots, and yams. ($8.00)


8. After a stressful day at the office, sometimes a quick drink is in order. But the days of “Mad Men” and bar carts in the office are long gone. But never fear, you have options, such as this recycled, hollow “Atlantic Reporter” with a compartment inside that holds the included flask. (And, if you practice in a different jurisdiction, don’t worry, no one will notice the wayward Atlantic Reporter. Tell them your grandpa gave it to you!) That after work drink can now be a reality, but please, drink responsibly and, more often than not, make use of the Zen garden, above, before resorting to the flask. ($65.00)


9. For the criminal defense lawyer who happens to wear heels, there’s this unique purse, made from a re-purposed leather book. The book, “Crime and Punishment” is a nod to her practice area and the attractive purse is sure to be a conversation starter! ($58.00)


10. Does the lawyer in your life buck trends and dance to the beat of his own drum by wearing bow ties? If so, then here’s the perfect bow tie for him. It’s got the scales of justice on it and is one of the only attractive attorney-themed ties I’ve ever seen, so it’s a rarity, indeed! Scoop one up before they’re gone! ($50.00)



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