Webinar Recap:
Networking Online – Using Social Media and Blogging to Build Relationships

kevinIn yesterday’s webinar, “Networking Online – Using Social Media and Blogging to Build Relationships,” we learned how blogging and engaging on Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn, can help you to build relationships and generate a reputation as a trusted authority in your practice area from Kevin O’Keefe, former trial lawyer, founder of LexBlog, and blogger at Real Lawyers Have Blogs.

If you missed it, you can view the slide deck below to find out how to social media and blogging can help to launch your online networking efforts. In it, Kevin explains:

  • How to measure your success networking online
  • The importance of listening and how to do it
  • 5 key tips on using LinkedIn, Twitter, and Facebook
  • How online networking creates word-of-mouth reputations
  • Why blogging is about engagement not about content.

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