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How To Choose Law Practice Management Software

Law practice management software is important. It helps you stay on top of your busy law practice, saving your law firm both time and money. But traditional premise-based law practice management software can be expensive when you factor in the up front cost of the software, the annual licensing fees, and the expenses associated with purchasing and maintaining servers.

Screen Shot 2014-06-18 at 12.31.02 PMThat’s why lawyers are increasingly moving to web-based legal software. It’s convenient, affordable, and provides 24/7 access to case-related information for both lawyers and their clients. But how do you go about choosing the right law practice management software for your practice?

Compare features

First, compare the features offered by leading web-based computing platforms. Read online reviews of the different systems and narrow your search down to a few platforms that offer the features you seek.

Sign up for a free trial

Most reputable legal web-based software providers offer a no-strings-attached free trial.  So sign up and dive in. Test out the software and see if it’s a good fit for your law firm.

Consider the interface

The user interface is extremely important. It should be intuitive. You shouldn’t have to constantly struggle to figure out how to work make the software do what you need it to do. You and your staff will be spending lots of time each day using the software so make sure it works for everyone.

Compare the cost

Price is also important consideration, but it shouldn’t be a deal breaker. One of the greatest benefits of moving to a cloud-based system is that it’s more affordable than traditional premise-based software. Compare the monthly fees of different web-based law practice management systems. Are the monthly fees of one legal cloud computing company are higher than those of competitors’ products which offer similar features? If so you might want to ask why the company charges more.

Ease of transition

How easy will it be to transition to the new cloud-based system? Find out how data will be migrated into the new software. Then decide what types of data you plan to import into the system. Think about how much time it will take to migrate your data into the different systems that you’re considering.

Quality of customer service

Customer support is important. You want any issues you encounter to be resolved quickly and efficiently. So carefully research customer satisfaction for each company. Search forums and other online sites for reviews about the different products and comments about the quality of customer service.

So follow these steps and in no time, you’ll be running your law firm using web-based practice management software. It’s not an easy decision but it’s an important one. So learn as much as you can about each platform that you’re considering and carefully research your options.

For more tips on choosing the right law practice management software for your law firm, download our free ebook Guide To Choosing The Right Law Practice Management Software.

–Nicole Black

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