MyCase’s Matt Spiegel Discusses Law And Technology On Radio Show, TechTalk

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MyCase’s founder and VP of product management, Matt Spiegel, was recently  featured on TechTalk, a Phoenix-based radio program.

Host Tom D’Auria and Matt discussed the ways technology is helping lawyers better manage their practices through enhanced mobility. In one of the most paper-driven and stressful professions in the world, these abilities enable better attorney-client communications and help ease the headaches that come with the job.

While law is a profession saddled with very traditional notions, today’s modern counsel can be mobile, paperless and use technology tools and software to ease the burdens that come with the practice of law. As younger attorneys enter the profession, the use of technology is becoming the norm, rather than the anomaly.

We invite you to listen to Matt’s segment. Consider your use of technology and how it continues to enhance your practice of law.

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