Follow Up Webinar Questions:
You Asked, Gerry Answered!

Jerry ODuring Tuesday’s webinar, “How to Use Video Marketing to Attract Your Ideal Client,” Gerry Oginski provided lots of useful information and great tips for lawyers seeking to use video marketing to increase their client base. If you missed it, you can watch a recording of the webinar here to learn all about using online video to reach potential clients.

During the webinar, there were a number of great questions asked from viewers that Gerry didn’t have sufficient time to answer. Fortunately, he was kind enough to provide us with his answers below:

1) Are video transcripts in a text form valuable? (Michael)

Not only are they valuable but they are critical to getting an accurate, detailed platform that allows the search engines (YouTube and Google) to know exactly what it is that you have said. In addition you can multipurpose this transcript in many different ways.

2) Do you have a mobile website? If so, do you embed video in your mobile site as well? (William)

I do have a mobile website. In today’s day and age, your website should be mobile compatible as well as Android compatible. If it’s not, you are limiting the ability of your content to get seen on multiple devices. Anything that I put into my main website gets automatically converted into a mobile version. I don’t need to do anything differently or extra.

3) What gear do you recommend for the DIY attorneys (HD camera, mic, editing software)? Also, what 5 quick tips on presenting would you give to those that want to DIY as well as those that need help? (Hunimano)

I personally like the Canon Vixia line of camcorders. They range between $200-$1500. They are excellent high definition cameras. Microphones can range from wired microphones to wireless microphones depending upon your budget. There are microphones that will sell for $15 and other microphones that will sell for $5000.

To start out, you do not need the most expensive equipment. If you are on a tight budget, I recommend buying used equipment first without all the bells and whistles. As you become proficient at learning how to use the equipment well, then you can upgrade.

Don’t make the mistake I did years ago when I thought I needed to buy a professional video camera to shoot video for online purposes–biggest mistake I made.

Also, don’t use your iPhone to shoot video. If you do, you will still need a tripod, external microphone and external lights.

As far as editing software, it depends on what computer and platform you use. I personally use a Mac and I love Final Cut express. Apple no longer makes that software. Instead, if you have a Mac and are just starting out, I recommend iMovie and then upgrade from there and go to Final Cut X.

For those who want a great resource to learn how to do it yourself, I actually created an online video tutorial program for this exact purpose. It allows you the ability to learn at your own pace, and I take you step-by-step through every single process you need to know.

In addition, I also go through every single piece of equipment you need and make recommendations in the tutorial program about which equipment you should invest in.

My online do-it-yourself tutorial program is ideal for lawyers who want to learn how to do this themselves. Lawyers who have been through this program have raved about how easy it is to follow my step-by-step process and how comprehensive it is in covering every single aspect of video marketing from start to finish. To learn more about this program, click here.

For Windows users, Moviemaker works just fine, and to upgrade go to Sony Vegas.

4) I have a new small practice, and while I will eventually specialize in a practice area, I tend to take many cases that walk into the door just to pay the bills. How will video marketing help me? (Wynette)

The answer to your question falls back to what we were discussing during the entire webinar. What type of clients or consumers do you want to handle more of? Based upon those cases that are most profitable, you want to try and attract those high-paying clients. I would focus on those types of cases and video to attract those ideal clients.

If you spend your time creating video content for small cases or minimal cases or random cases, that is not having a clear and concise video marketing strategy. That won’t help you at all. Instead, you must laser focus and decide which types of cases you want to handle and which are most profitable.

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