Friday Funnies:
Judge Concludes Bickering Parties Need a Kindergarten Teacher

As any judge or attorney will tell you, neighbor disputes are the worst. There’s something about living in close quarters with another family that sometimes causes otherwise reasonably sane people to devolve to their inner toddler selves. Rational behavior becomes a thing of the past and instead of calm discourse, crazed neighbors fling dog poop over fences, chop down trees and shine bright lights into the bedroom windows of the adjoining property owner. Adults inexplicably act like immature children–except they’re kids with lots of pent of rage and even more money to burn. And they’re incredibly difficult to reason with, as a Canadian judge recently discovered. In a recently issued decision in the case, Moreland-Jones v. Taerk, the judge outlines the childish antics of both parties and then dismisses the pending litigation concluding that, if anything, the parties need a kindergarten teacher to keep them in line. You can read the relevant portion of the decision below. (Hat tip: Lowering the Bar).

Screen Shot 2014-05-23 at 1.47.33 PM

–Nicole Black

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