Increase Productivity With Your Android Device

At MyCase, we’re all about using mobile devices to increase productivity. After all, mobility and flexibility are two of the major benefits of using web-based legal software in your law practice. That’s why MyCase is available as an iOS app for Apple devices. And, as we recently announced at ABA Techshow, we’ve released an app for Android devices as well.

Because our web-based law practice software allows lawyers to run their law practices from any Internet-enabled device no matter where they are, mobile has always been a big focus for MyCase and was also a big focus at ABA Techshow this year. As part of our contribution to Techshow this year, we brought in Stephanie Crowley to take visual notes of many of the sessions, including those devoted to mobile issues. One of the mobile panels that she covered was Jeffrey Taylor and Debbie Foster’s incredibly informative presentation, “Practice Pointers: Android Settings and Customization to Up Productivity.”

The visual notes from that session can be found below, along with a summary of some of the most useful pointers, including links to sites that provide further information, such as how-tos and other useful tips.

  • For starters, they recommended customizing your Android device with a launcher app, thus changing the look and feel of your Android’s home screen and putting everything you need right at your fingertips. Two of their favorites were Nova Launcher and Google Experience.
  • The also suggested using widgets to improve and streamline your user experience, allowing you to easily access the information you need most. Here’s a handy list of widgets that are designed to improve productivity.
  • Another tip–if you have Android 4.4 on your device, take advantage of cloud printing and print wirelessly with ease. This article explains how to set it up.
  • Another useful idea–use the “Cover” lock screen app. This interesting app “learns” your behavior based on how you use your device and then adapts to show your favorite apps on your lock screen depending on your location. Interestingly, shortly after the Techshow presentation, this app was acquired by Twitter, so stay tuned to see if/how it changes because of this acquisition.
  • And, last but not least, consider using a keyboard app in lieu of your Droid’s native keyboard. Jeffrey and Debbie recommended Swype, SwiftKey, and Google Keyboard, all of which are discussed more fully in this post, along with two others.

So there you have it–a host of Android tips to help save time and improve your productivity! And stay tuned for more visual notes from Techshow, including summaries with helpful links, so you can take action and immediately incorporate tips from the sessions into your workflow.

–Nicole Black

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