Opportunity Knocks in the Midst of Merger Madness

legalitEarlier this week, Legal IT Pros published an article written by MyCase’s Nicole Black (part of a new monthly column that will appear there) about the recent spate of law firm mergers and what it means for solo and small firm practitioners.

In it, she suggests that BigLaw’s short sighted mergers are mistakes that pave the way for more opportunities for solo and small firm attorneys:

Have you heard? Large law firms are merging left and right, in large part because law firm leaders are focused on immediate financial gains in an attempt to maintain appearances of profitability in an increasingly competitive–and global–marketplace…

Meanwhile, solo and small firms are able to compete with large firms in ways never before seen through the use of new technologies and innovation in the delivery of legal services…This is especially so now that affordable technologies such as mobile and web-based software make it easier and more affordable to set up shop than ever before.

So keep your eyes on the solo and small firm practitioners, folks. They just might surprise you. BigLaw may be big–but bigger isn’t always better. Sometimes agility can make all the difference.

Head on over to Legal IT Pros and read the rest of it. And then come back and let us know what you think in the comments below!

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