Work Smarter and Faster with Legal Workflow Customization

stopwatchWork smarter, not harder. That’s a refrain that is often repeated when it comes to improving productivity or increasing efficiency. But what does it really mean? How do you do it? When it comes to a law firm, one way to work smarter is by improving your legal workflow.

When a consultant is hired to improve efficiency in any work environment, the first request will be for everyone to document how time is being spent. If you do that in your firm, chances are you’ll find that an inordinate amount of time is being spent on repetitive tasks.

This is especially true when it comes to the tasks and events that you create every time you start a new case. One simple way to eliminate that time-wasting process is to start a new case using Workflow, a feature offered by MyCase, the only major practice management software that provides legal workflow customization.

Using MyCase’s Workflow customization feature, you can create different templates of tasks and events based on customer date calculations and then easily apply these templates to all related cases.

This new capability, developed with your firm in mind, also lets you create workflows for the specific types of cases your firm handles. You can establish templates for criminal defense, DUI, family law, and estate planning, among others. Once you set up the routine tasks required for each, you simply select the saved workflow template, enter the date parameters, and the tasks/events are then populated instantly.

Since each case you handle is unique, this feature allows you to start with a general template and then customize for each individual instance. This provides the timesaving benefit of eliminating repetitive tasks while allowing you the flexibility to customize the workflow for each unique case.

Your time–and that of your staff–is too valuable to be wasted on tasks that can be easily automated. By taking advantage of MyCase’s workflow customization technology, you can eliminate the wasted time, drive productivity, and improve your bottom line.

And if you’re looking for additional tips on how to stay organized and productive, you can check out our Keep Your Law Firm Organized: Tips and Tricks post.

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