3 Critical Content Changes to Better Reach Your Customers Online

Computer_keyboardLess than 10% of adults now use a printed directory like the Yellow Pages to find a lawyer. Most people still ask a friend or colleague, but nearly a quarter of adults start their search by going online. If you want to grow your practice, increasing your online presence is key, and one of the best ways to do that is to have the information people are searching for online. While most people conduct broad searches, such as “patent attorney”, they also search for more specific information, too.

Here are three areas of your website you can develop to increase your visibility in the search engines and your customer reach.

Answer the Question

Nearly half the people that seek an attorney are likely to look for a website that posts legal questions and answers, according to the ABA Standing Committee’s Report on Delivery of Legal Services. Developing an informative Q&A section allows a potential client to see your firm’s expertise in particular areas and enables your web pages to rank highly in the search engines for specific customer queries.

Create a Blog

We’ve discussed the importance and benefits of blogging in prior posts, but in terms of increasing your customer reach a blog can help twofold. First, it can position you as an authority on specific topics in the eyes of both users and the search engines. Second, it allows you to create timely content for current events. Both search engines, and your customers, are always looking for fresh perspectives on what’s happening right now. A blog allows you to have a voice in what people are searching for at the moment.

What Difference Does a Word Make?

As you create and develop content, it’s important to do so in the language that people are using in their online searches. According to Google, consumers favor the term “tax attorney” over “tax lawyer”, for example, when seeking help online. Creating content that aligns with the way people think about a specific topic is crucial to having your site appear in search results. As you develop content, utilize free keyword tools like the Google Keyword Tool to help focus your content creation.

Your prospective clients are going online to research topics to which you have the answer. Creating informative content that helps them answer those questions can expand your online presence and grow your firm, maybe exponentially.

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–Matt Spiegel

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