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Banks Ladd | Alabama Civil Litigation Firm

banks laddWhen I write these feature MyCase customer posts, I do my best to provide the story behind the person I’m interviewing–because MyCase customers are really interesting people. But, sometimes when I interview lawyers for these posts, they’re decidedly modest and are often far more interested in discussing MyCase and how it improves their law practice than discussing their backgrounds or their law firms.

For Ladd, it’s all about MyCase

Civil litigator Banks Ladd, a partner at the Ladd Firm, LLC in Mobile, Alabama, is a perfect example. Every time I posed a question about him or his firm, he deftly shifted the conversation to MyCase. For example, when I asked him to tell me about his law firm and its focus, he replied: “Our firm has 5 lawyers and 3 support staff and we focus almost 100% on handling BP oil spill claims. And MyCase is the reason we’re able to handle such a large volume of BP cases. The thing I love the most about MyCase is the ability to inventory cases, without having to obtain the full files prior to talking to opposing counsel about your case. With MyCase you always have information available right at your fingertips–and because of that we’re able to handle a much larger caseload.”

Next, I asked him how his firm stood out from the rest, whether in terms of using new technologies, tools, or telecommuting. Often, lawyers whom I interview will discuss how they’ve gone paperless or how they use virtual receptionist services.

But not Ladd. His response? To explain how MyCase has provided his firm–especially his wife–with greater flexibility. “I work with my wife who’s also a lawyer. A while back we basically moved our office from downtown to a location right across the street from our childrens’ school. We did this so that we could work and be near them. But it’s because of MyCase that my wife is able to continue working on her own terms now that we have children,” he explains. “Because of MyCase, we have top notch case management that we otherwise wouldn’t be affordable for a small firm. And now with MyCase, my wife can work from home or can work from just about anywhere using a wifi hotspot. We couldn’t have done this without MyCase.”

MyCase–heads and tails above the rest

As business from the BP oil spill increased, Ladd’s firm expanded and began to hire more people. That was when Ladd decided to make the move to the cloud, since it seemed to be the best way to manage the firm and facilitate communication and collaboration between the lawyers, legal assistants and clients.

Once he made the decision to use a cloud-based law practice management platform, Ladd research his options. “I tried a competitor, Clio, for several weeks, but found it to be too difficult and too slow. MyCase was much more intuitive and easier to use. It has great support staff and is much easier to use,” he says. “It’s made all the difference in the world. MyCase makes the little lawyer look like a big player. My firm looks more technologically advanced–and probably is more advanced–than the big law firms.”

MyCase makes it possible to easily manage large caseloads

According to Ladd, MyCase is indispensable for his firm, especially because of the high volume of BP oil spill cases that it handles. He explains that without it, it would be next to impossible to handle the large caseload: “With MyCase, you can manage so many more cases. It simplifies communication and the flow of information. Before, if something was going on in a case, I had to tell my secretary to get the file, look at it, figure out where we were, and then report to me. Now, I just log in and all of the information about a given case is instantly available. It simply would not be possible to handle all of the BP cases without it. Without MyCase, I’d have to have to hire 5 more support staff to keep up.”

Closing thoughts

But it wasn’t all MyCase during this interview. When asked, Ladd offered a few words of wisdom. First, he offered the following advice for his fellow lawyers who are struggling to find their niche: “Stick with it and be patient. It’s a career, not a way to make short term money. Over time, the longer you practice, the better you’ll get get and the more money you’ll make.”

And finally, his favorite quote is “Every dog has his day.” He explains why he likes that quote: “Maybe I should say every dog has its day in court. Because that’s the way I look at life. If you had a bad day yesterday, tomorrow will be a better day.”

–Nicole Black

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