Top Software for Lawyers in 2013

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Sales guru and motivational speaker Michael Althsuler has said, “The bad news is, time flies. The good news is you’re the pilot.”

For busy attorneys with growing workloads, time management continues to be a major challenge.  Fortunately there are ways to help reduce the stress. One is by using technology and software that can maximize down time when you are remote, waiting in courtroom corridors or just simply out of your office.

Here are five key applications that can start helping you now.

  1. TrialPad for the iPad – This application helps organize your case presentations and is specifically designed for lawyers in the courtroom. The application allows you to easily organize, annotate and manage files for hearings, jury trials, mediation presentations, and other settings. You can add PDF documents and photos and are able to highlight, redline or redact.
  2. FastCase – This application gives you access to the entire FastCase law library that includes state and federal cases from across the country. You can conduct searches right from your iPad in court. In a survey conducted by ALM at, FastCase was recommended by 50% of the respondents as opposed to larger, more expensive competitors LexisNexis (26.5%) and Westlaw (20.5%).
  3. Readdle – This document manager for iPad allows you to save and access documents in PDF, MS Office and Apple iWorks among others. You can also highlight in multiple colors in PDF documents, which is a huge plus. You are also able to tab pages and add reference notes.
  4. Google Docs – This online file sharing application allows you to place documents securely in the cloud and permits access to only those who need it. This allows you to create, collaborate and share presentations, word documents and spreadsheets with your staff regardless of time or location.  A key differentiator for Google Docs is the ability of two or more people to collaborate on a document in real time.
  5. Voice Memo – This app is resident on iPhones and allows you to dictate memos and documents for later transcription. The memo is saved as a digital file that can be easily emailed back to your office. You can get the same functionality from your Android smartphone by downloading applications like VoiceMemo or Tape-a-Track.

Time does indeed fly, but with these applications, you can start taking control.

–Matt Spiegel

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