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Erin Levine | California Family Law Attorney

levine pic2Erin Levine, an Emeryville, California divorce and family law attorney, isn’t your typical lawyer–and she wouldn’t have it any other way. She doesn’t view things the way most other lawyers do–never has, never will–and that’s what makes her so unique.

Thinking outside the box

According to Erin, she’s always been like this: “One of my biggest accomplishments to date is that I came into law school really quirky and outside the box– like a black sheep. And, I left the same way. I’m very proud that I still remain true to who I am even after law school tried to break me down. I want to build practice and still stay true to my core beliefs.”

And what are her core beliefs? Erin explains: “I want to create an office environment that is comfortable for my clients and enjoyable for my employees, all the while making the practice of law cost-effective while finding creative ways to get good results for my clients.”

Technology drives a creative law practice

For Erin, it’s all about breaking the mold and finding efficient, affordable ways to achieve her client’s goals in a warm, welcoming setting: “We’re trying to mix traditional office with more modern technology driven environment, while keeping it as professional as possible. So we have toys for our clients who have kids, a tv, a couch, and lots of art and furniture designed to make people feel comfortable and safe as opposed to stuffy super modern law firm.”

Importantly, Erin understands that part of providing the best services to her client is to ensure that her employees are happy and content. She uses technology to do this: “We’ve tried to create an environment that will attract great employees without having to pay as much as big firms. So I offer a  lot of flexibility through technology. Doing this allows my employees to work from home a couple of days each week.”

MyCase provides flexibility and efficiency

According to Erin, MyCase is key to providing her employees with the flexibility to work no matter where they are: “MyCase has provided my staff with incredible flexibility. Now they can work from home and MyCase makes it so easy for us to communicate.  Before MyCase we had different systems for email, calendars, and documents management. Now it’s all integrated in one place.”

Erin chose MyCase for her firm only after thoroughly researching her options. After jury-rigging a law practice management system together using many different platforms, she decided that things had gotten too complicated and disjointed and that the time had come to find an all-in-one platform.

“I knew I had to find an law practice management system and the interface needed to be simple. I tried a bunch of them, but they all had some really big holes–either calendaring system was terrible, there were lots of bugs in system, there was no way to access documents, or no method of communication,” she said. “But then I discovered MyCase. It had everything I needed. Now, my entire practice has moved to the cloud, which has made it far cheaper, far easier to manage my practice–and I wouldn’t have it any other way. I love MyCase and find myself referring it to other lawyers all the time.”

MyCase is a money-saver

One of Erin’s goals in moving her practice to the cloud was to streamline her law practice, increase efficiency, and reduce costs. She explains that MyCase has helped her to achieve all of those goals: “I wanted web-based document management and simple billing software, so I could spend less on postage for bills and correspondence.  Family law is very paper intensive and now, instead of having to pay postage to mail bills and documents, everything is easily accessible in one place.”

Another important benefit–MyCase has her back. As a result of using MyCase, she is more on top of her practice, which makes things less stressful for both her and her clients. “My malpractice insurance premium is lower since I’m far more organized because of MyCase and it includes a built-in conflict checker,” she said. “And when I’m in court and someone claims I never filed an order, I can pull out my iPad and access a copy of the filed order right in court. Finally, and most importantly, because of MyCase  phone calls have been drastically reduced and my clients are much happier since they can now use MyCase to access all information about their case.”

Success without compromise

For Erin, it’s all about staying true to herself while doing her best to improve the lives of her clients and her employees: “I want to continue to practice law in the way that I know and love, while ensuring that each one of my clients gets personalized attention and the best result possible. So my goal is to learn from my mentors and incorporate their feedback into my practice, but to do so without compromising my style of lawyering and my way of walking through the world.”

–Nicole Black

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