About Nicole Black

Nicole Black is the Director of Business Development and Community Relations at MyCase. She is the author of "Cloud Computing for Lawyers" (2012) and co-authors "Social Media: The Next Frontier" (2010), both published by the American Bar Association. She also co-authors "Criminal Law in New York," a Thomson West treatise. She often speaks at conferences about the intersection of law, mobile computing and Internet-based technology. She can be reached at niki@mycase.com.

[INFOGRAPHIC] Break The Bonds Of Depression: Be The Happy Lawyer You Were Meant To Be

Happy-Lawyer infographic

It’s well known that members of the legal profession are plagued by depression and substance abuse. The causes are many. Lawyering is a contentious, combative line of work. The pressure to bring in new books of business combined with the relentless requirements of the … Continue reading