Moving Your Law Practice To The Cloud [eBook]

original-cover-facing-left.png20160503-10249-tdfj4lLaw practice management software is important. It helps you stay on top of your busy law practice, saving your law firm both time and money. But traditional premise-based law practice management software can be expensive when you factor in the up front cost of the software, the annual licensing fees, and the expenses associated with purchasing and maintaining servers.

That’s why lawyers are increasingly moving to web-based legal software. It’s convenient, affordable, and provides 24/7 access to case-related information for both lawyers and their clients. But how do you go about choosing the right law practice management software for your practice?

I answer that very question in the latest chapter to our ebook, The Pocket Guide To Launching Your Law Firm. In this chapter you’ll find lots of tips and advice on choosing the right law practice management software for your law firm.

Download your free copy today and learn the steps you need to take when choosing law practice management software for your law practice. And don’t forget–you can access all of the chapters from this ebook that we’ve released so far here.

In the video below you can learn a bit more about this latest chapter:


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