MyCase Announces New Android App


(Photo credit: victoria white2010)

We’re incredibly excited to launch our new Android app! Last year at ABA Techshow, we were the first in the legal practice management space to offer a mobile app with a separate portal for lawyers’ clients. Today we’re expanding that innovative app to include Android products, granting more attorneys access to all aspects of the software’s comprehensive services.

Like its iOS predecessor, the MyCase Android app was developed with streamlined attorney-client communication in mind. Lawyers rely heavily upon their mobile devices to accomplish legal tasks while away from the office, and efficient client communication is a top priority for attorneys on the go. The client portal that will be available within the new application will support a simplified client messaging process.

The application’s attorney portal also offers a number of features that simplify administrative tasks, such as billing, calendaring and timekeeping; the portal includes access to documents, messages and contacts as well.

We think it looks great! Check out the screenshot below–but that’s just a teaser!  Check back tomorrow for another post with more screenshots.

android shot

  • Robert Frampton

    This is great news. I switched to IPhone last year solely for the purpose of accessing MyCase on the go. But, I prefer my giant screened Android.

    • Michael Price

      I agree. I have been holding out, but almost bought an ipad mini just for the app! Will the app be on the play store?

      • nikilblack

        We’re so excited about this app and are thrilled that you are, too!

        As we did with the iOS app last year, we’re launching and demoing it at Techshow and will then submit it to the Play Store shortly thereafter. We’ll send out an email letting you know once its been accepted into the store and is available for download.

  • Jaclyn DuBois-Zolnik

    Excellent news! Very excited to use this on the Samsung Note tablet!!

  • Taylor House

    I’ve been waiting on this app for a long time. Downloaded on my Nexus 5, crashes instantly whenever I try to open it. Seems like a lot of other people are having the same issue. Hopefully it gets updated and fixed soon.

    • nikilblack

      Taylor–thanks for letting us know about this. Our support team has already started looking into it and they located your crash report. It takes at least a day for Google to update our statistics report in that regard, so once our support team has that, they’ll be able to review the data and have a better sense of what’s causing that issue so that they can address it. Thank you again for letting us know and I appreciate your frustration. We’re working on it!

      • Taylor House

        Thank you for the quick response. Very happy with the MyCase software and service otherwise.

    • mobile pundits

      Yup, same problem i have faced in my nexus 5 phone too.

  • Samuel Spagnola

    How do you bill with this app? There is no time entry function nor ability to enter tasks or edit appointments once they have been entered.

    • nikilblack

      Samuel-Thanks for downloading the app. That’s a great question. We’re really excited to launch this initial version, which includes the ability to view case and contact info, calendaring (view and add), and messaging. Many other features, such as viewing documents, viewing and adding time entries, client login, and notes, are currently being worked on and are slated for release soon. I hope that helps!